Who we are…

We are a group of parents committed to supporting the development of the school for the benefit of the students.
The parent lighthouse team was created to:
Promote the BSI community
We are the voice of the parents
Communicate and listen
Help the educational process and coexistence of our children

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Community Life

We have established several committees that parents can join and be part of our BSI Community Life.
● Community support
● Parent support
● Sport & Culture
● Talks + Student Life
● Bond with the BSI Team
● Operational + Logistical support

Our Committees

Parent Lighthouse Team
Our team is composed of 9 parents that make up
the Parent Lighthouse Team (parent association).


Paulina Rodríguez 10.1


My name is Maria Paulina Rodriguez, Ecuadorian, I have been living in Panama for 2 years.
I am an Economist with specialization in International Relations. In addition to studies in Finance.
My career has been specialized in Banking in the area of Treasury and Corporate.
I have 2 children, the oldest is studying at the University and the youngest is in 10th Grade Science.
Happy to be part of the Board developing and creating activities for the kids.

Betsy Ríos 8.1


I am Betsy Rois Daza, of Colombian nationality, I have been living in Panama for 20 years. I am a Food Engineer and I work as Commercial Manager of the Industrial Division in a local company.
My other job is being a full time mother of my beloved son Andres Felipe, who is my greatest blessing.
We belong to the wonderful BSI community since its foundation, and Andres is already in eighth grade, where he has been very happy, hoping to finish his studies in this institution.

Daniela Bazoberry 1.2


I am Daniela Bazoberry, I am American and Bolivian and I have been living in Panama for 6 years.
I have studied International Business and I have a master’s degree in Institutional Relations. Today, I am responsible for Compliance in a French company for the entire region of Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia. My husband and I have 2 little boys, Alejandro in Pk4.3 and Guillermo in 1st grade. This is our second year being part of the Boston International School wolves pack. We are happy that our children are in an international environment and we see every day their growth and development both academically and personally.

Melissa Cubas 7.2

Assistant Secretary:

I am Melissa Cubas Zlatar. I am Peruvian and 3 years ago we moved to live in Panama. I studied hotel management and business administration.
My children are Mikaela in 5th grade and Niklas in 7th grade. This is the second year that we are part of the Boston family.
I love doing outdoor activities and spending time with my family.

María del Rocío López Pk3

Communication Secretary:

I am Maria del Rocio (Chio) Lopez, I am Ecuadorian and I have been living in Panama for 5 years. I am an Engineer in Business Management, with a major in Human Resources and I have studies in Music.
Currently, I am dedicated to my children, and I am a catholic singer-songwriter.
My husband and I have 3 little ones, Sofia, Paula and Nicolas, who are our adoration. In June 2022, we decided to switch them to BSI, and we are happy to have made this decision, because of the educational level and its multicultural community. Our children are in 4th grade, 2nd grade and Pk3.

Leyda Molinar 1.1


I am Leyda Lidia Molinar Cerezo de Mitre, Panamanian woman with studies as a Dental Surgeon in Brazil, I currently devote full time to my family and business.
My girls are Vitoria who has been in BSI since the beginning and is now in tenth grade, and Sarah who is in first grade.
The school experience has always been enriching.

Susana Aguinaga 10.2


I am Susana Aguinaga, I am 54 years old and I am Spanish. I graduated in Computer Science and worked for 20 years in DHL as ECommerce Manager. Together with my husband Diego we have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. With 3 of our children, we came to Panama 5 years ago and we all fell in love with this country but we only have Diego, 16 years old, who is in 10th grade. Three years ago, I graduated as a Spanish teacher from the Cervantes Institute and now I give private lessons. Since I arrived I belonged to the Parents Board because for the first time I could dedicate my time to participate directly in the school and although at times it was exhausting it has been one of the most rewarding decisions.

Zaheda Bhiku 5.1

Vocal 1:

My name is Zaheda Bhiku, I am a Panamanian mom with 4 daughters. I am 100% dedicated to my girls Khatiya, 29 years old, Zeinab, 19 years old, Safia, 13 years old and my little Mariah, 10 years old. We started at Boston School from the beginning, and we are satisfied from the beginning and happy for this great decision we made.
I have a daughter who graduated from Boston School, class of 2021, and my two girls are currently in fifth and seventh grade.

Chantelle Bezuidenhout 5.2

Vocal 2:

I am Chantelle Bezuidenhout, I am from South Africa and we decided to move to Panama in 2020 so we have been here for 3 Years. My husband and I have our own I.T Company and we have worked together for about 12 years. I have done some teaching courses for pre Primary and some courses in teaching English as a Foreign language. My husband and myself have 3 beautiful kids, Caiden (Gr7), Ayla (Gr5) and our little Covid baby Renzo who just turned one. We have been part of Boston since January 2020 and my kids are very happy and love going to school and all the amazing teachers. Once a Wolf always a Wolf.