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Welcome to our Virtual Tour experience!

Recently, we have been working on this online virtual tour experience of our two campuses, so that you can have a better image of how is it like to be inside our school. Please feel free to click inside the virtual field you’ll find below this paragraph, and allow the intuitive process to guide you through your first (virtual) visit to BSI. All signposted areas that you find within this field are responsive to clicks and will take you further into our school’s physical space. Also, you’ll still be able to find classic photo album carousels below the virtual tour.

Boston School International Experience

Our Main Facilities in Costa del Este

Boston School International is a private, independent college-prep school, founded in 2012 in Panama City, Panama. In the year 2021, we decided to relocate our Main Campus, from the Historical Site of the Panama Canal Administration, in Ancon; to the brisk, lively, and much more family-oriented zone of Paseo del Mar in Costa del Este.

New Early Learning Campus – Since January 2022

By the start of the present year, 2022, we decided to move our Early Learning Campus to Costa del Este as well, just a few blocks from the Main Campus. Doing so we began a whole new phase in our history as a school because now we can say that we are ONE school, a single community, located on TWO campuses!!

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