Dear Parents,

At our school we value every student and each family; we strive to make them feel at home as part of our school community.

Everyone is important in BSI, and we are aware that our positive attitudes and contributions affect everyone. We make sure to live and interact in such a way that each individual is respected and valued. Mutual support and solidarity are very important for us.

You can trust that our teachers, coordinators, and supporting staff will nurture your child’s upbringing.

Our goal is to cultivate habits and abilities within our students as whole children who inquire, both at school and beyond. Our students will stand out as leaders within a competitive 21st-century world where lifelong learning is essential for success. Our IB PYP and DP curricula guide students to critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and creative innovation. I invite you to visit our campus and see the dynamic learning experienced by our students.

You may email us at and we will gladly assist you.

Admissions Process

To initiate the admissions process please follow this steps:

tuition fees


  • For full tuition payment, a discount will be applied.
  • Ten monthly payments from August 1 through May 31.
  • Families with more than one child at the school will receive
    an additional discount for each child.

Boston School International offers two payment options:

Option 1: With Capital Fee
Option 2: Without Capital Fee

Choose the one that best suits your needs!


  • A one-time fee is required for all students entering BSI, which is due upon enrollment and is non-refundable. Discounts are applied when paying the fee in full.
  • The school may offer installment plans to facilitate payments.
  • Remember that you can also apply for the second payment option (Without Capital Fee).
  • Families with more than one child at the school will receive an additional discount for each child.

If you have further questions please contact our admissions department: