bsi cavern library

Welcome Readers!

The Cavern Library is the heart of learning at Boston School International.

Our library is nestled within a nurturing and enriching atmosphere where students are encouraged to inquire, explore, and discover. In our vibrant and dynamic space, we dedicate ourselves to supporting, guiding, and empowering students to embrace their full potential and become the change-makers of tomorrow. We believe readers become leaders and that true leadership is born from a foundation of knowledge, empathy, and continuous growth.

Our library space is not just a collection of books and resources, but a vibrant hub dedicated to nurturing the academic, linguistic, and cultural growth of every learner who walks through our doors.

In today’s digital age, we’re committed to promoting Digital Citizenship and literacy becoming responsible and savvy citizen of the online world. Whether were delving into the depths of literature, mastering the intricacies of digital citizenship, or collaborating with peers on innovative projects, students are constantly challenged to push boundaries and strive for excellence.

Library Hours


1st Grade: May check out one (1) book.

2nd Grade: May check out two (2) books.

3rd to 5th Grade: May check out three (3) books.

Parents: May check out up to three (3) books.

Children may check out books for 7 days. They must be returned by their next class. Parents can check out books for two weeks and renew them by sending a request to


Books, DVDs, eBooks, and audio books – Up to five (5) resources may be checked out for 14 days with an option to renew.

Equipment – One (1) item may be checked out for the duration of the school day only.


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