As a parent, you would like to give your child the best education possible to open all the doors for their future. Here at BSI, as a private international school, we could open the doors for them and offer them a wide range of opportunities to succeed at whatever they are passionate about. 

Our educational curriculum fosters independent learning and critical thinking through units of inquiry. 

We offer an international course related to the education provided in the International Baccalaureate. (IB) As a certified school to offer IB, we aim to be informative, not definitive; we invite conversation and regular review. The IB has always championed a stance of critical engagement with challenging ideas, one that values the progressive thinking of the past while remaining open to future innovation, and that is precisely what BSI, as a private international school, offers to all its students. 

However, as you know, we always go beyond for our students. Our main goal is to develop an individual who demonstrates social responsibility, the capacity to assume challenges and a leadership endeavor to generate sociocultural, ethical, and sustainable progress for the world. Allowing us to display again why you should choose us as the ideal private school for your child and position us as one of the top private schools in Panama City.

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As an international private school, we foster a multicultural community where, from 1st to 6th grade, we offer Mandarin lessons for all our students. Our classes are all taught in English as a first language, and we also cover the Panamanian academic curriculum subjects such as social studies conducted in Spanish. We are a bilingual private school.

Through our ten years of teaching, we have provided the necessary support for all our students and, thanks to the constant improvement and open-door communication, has allowed us to grow and become a school of choice for our community as a private international school in Panama.

We look forward to continuing to contribute to our community as a school of choice as a private international school and to our nation by providing top-tier education, nurturing future leaders, and creating a place for everyone not to fit in but to stand out. 

Join our pack! 

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