As parents, making the right decision for your child is your number one priority and when educating your child comes in line, education you want to make sure you are not only choosing a school because it provides quality but also because it aligns with your values and belief, because it creates a safe environment for your child to be himself and that is exactly what Boston School International Panama do for their students. 

As our slogan states “We are a place for everyone, not to fit in, but to stand out”.  We push our students to their maximum capacity while guiding and showing them the way. Our educational curriculum fosters independent learning and critical thinking through units of inquiry. 

As an international school in Panama, BSI fosters a multicultural community where, from 1st to 6th grade, we offer Mandarin lessons for all our students. Our classes are all taught in English as a first language, and we also cover the Panamanian academic curriculum subjects such as social studies conducted in Spanish. 

Our main goal is to develop an individual who demonstrates social responsibility, the capacity to assume challenges, and a leadership endeavor to generate sociocultural, ethical, and sustainable progress for the world. This displays again why you should choose us as the right International school in Panama for your child and this sets us as one of the top International schools in Panama City.

Through our ten years of teaching, we have provided the necessary support for all our students and, thanks to constant improvement and open-door communication, has allowed us to grow and become a school of choice for our community in Costa del Este Panama.

As you may already know we belong to International School Partnerships (ISP), since 2022. This has brought us enormous benefits since BSI has become part of the ISP ILOS program (International Learning Opportunities) where our students have the chance to exchange knowledge and learn with other students around the world making Boston School International Panama belong to a broader net of schools around the world. Thanks to ISP we have more than 70 sister schools in which experiences and best practices are constantly being shared. 

We are happy to keep growing and forming tomorrow’s leaders while we also understand the work and commitment it takes to get where we are. That’s why we focus on having the best staff possible that always goes beyond for our students. Allowing them to be themself, to feel welcome, to feel that they belong. 

We are Wolves and we will always be wolves, one big pack. 

mission and vision