In response to the request of some of you, we would like to make a few suggestions for the proper use of the Whatsapp groups.

We know that these parent groups are independent from those run by the school, however, we cannot ignore the fact that you are a very important part of the BSI community and, consequently, part of our image.


  • When writing, let’s use respectful words that do not bring the school or any employee into a negative light. Let’s keep in mind that we are writing about the institution where our children are educated.
  • Let’s use the groups responsibly according to the objectives that they were created for: share relevant information sent by the school, clarify doubts, raise concerns with the delegate and arrange a meeting. Many of you are busy people who are not pleased with finding messages with photos of personal meetings, sales, or personal promotions, in a group that is not for those purposes.
  • If your son or daughter had a problem at school, please go to the homeroom teacher or coordinator to solve it and do not discuss it in the parents’ chat.
  • If you disagree with any action taken by the school, you can request a meeting with the Deputy Head or Head of School. Doors are always open for conversation. Request an appointment by email and with great pleasure you will be attended. Expressing your annoyance through a group that cannot give you an answer, often multiplies negative emotions.

Improving communications between the school and the parent’s community is one of our fundamental objectives. If you wish to make any recommendation or suggestion, you can write to the email:

Thank you for your cooperation! Communication is a two-way road.

“Words have power, and you have to know how to use that power correctly”

Haruki Murakami. Japanese writer.