The science week is, without doubt, one of the most exciting events in the entire school year. During this occasion, our students spend a week full of science-related activities. Among those, we can find the Science Fair, which is probably the most prestigious event of the entire week.

During this time our students from elementary to high school showed they are knowledgeable and proactive through their ingenious and original projects, which they presented to distinguished judges, parents, and students from the BSI community.

This year the students, from preschool to high school, participated on the second edition of the “Recycled Dress Competition”, in which they created magnificent dresses and suits made only out of recycled material, using the creativity and manual abilities. Last but not least, the Rocket Competition, that took place on Kiwanis, was a very fun and competitive experience in which our students were able to create handmade rockets and test them in the field. Congratulations of all winners.