Our annual Christmas party is a day when we celebrate the Holidays and reflect on the past year, as it marks the beginning of the long-awaited winter break. However, this year was quite different. The Students’ Lighthouse Team was proactive and organized every aspect of the party for the Winter Ball. The members of the team concurred that the dance was without a doubt the hardest event to organize, but through synergy and a win win attitude all was possible. From the decorations, to the music, and the performances, the team did a great job.

What would a dance be without a King and Queen? The Winter Ball was no different, as each grade, from middle school to high
school, had two candidates for the Winter King and Queen. Sofia Riera and Ruben Padron represented seventh grade, while Sofia Mármol and Alejandro Lobo represented eighth grade, and Patrick Marxer and Maria Victoria Cheung ninth grade. For high school, Nadia Bhiku and Jonpier Veliz represented sophomores, Lorraine Woodward and Konstantin Ovchinikov represented the juniors, and Julia de Icaza and Guillermo Gil the seniors.

The candidates visited all the classes, from preschool to twelfth grade, explaining why they thought they should be elected and answering questions from all BSI students, faculty, and staff. The day of the dance, the candidates presented themselves once more to the school and answered questions from the judges, including how they use the 7 Habits in their lives. With around 140 votes, the winners were Julia de Icaza and Guillermo Gil. Congrats to the both! Moreover, on the day of the Winter Ball the Drama Club performed a skit, and Teacher Bonnie’s students shared their talent with everyone: Elementary students performed a special Christmas-themed dance as well as performed live. The rest of the day was full of dancing, food, and taking pictures allowing us to sharpen the saw. The event was certainly a success. May this New Year bring joy, peace, surprises, and happiness to you and your family!

BSI Journalism Club