Boston School International has a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying; therefore, every situation that is related to bullying is rigorously addressed. For this reason, we must specify the three criteria that identify an incident as an act of bullying:

  • Deliberate aggressive behavior that harms another individual
  • Repetitive and long-term aggressive behavior
  • Exertion of abuse over another

The school addresses the issue by reinforcing the behavior and values that are expected of our students. As part of our students’ complete education, BSI has workshops that help create awareness about various issues. Furthermore, the school is an active participant of the program The Leader in Me, which stimulates the development of leadership skills. This program offers the necessary tools to develop an individual’s skills and character by strengthening responsibility, establishing goals, and encouraging effective decision-making. Additionally, the program also focuses on the development of an individual’s interpersonal skills, addressing abilities such as mutual benefit, empathy, listening, and team work.

If all three criteria are present in a situation in school, the Handbook for Parents and Students will be used to determine the pertinent consequences.

For more information about bullying you can visit the website https://www.stopbullying.gov/index.html