The start of a new trimester is the most important one, for it
is the time you set your short-term goals and is a new
opportunity for you to start in the best way possible. You
can follow the next steps to begin your best trimester:
1. Start with the end in mind: Starting with the end in mind
is one of the most important habits there is. You set your
goals and can visualize them in your mind. This step will
help you to work harder toward your academic goals.
2. Put first things first: Prioritizing is one of the keys to have
a successful school trimester. Putting your schoolwork
before you start procrastinating will help you have a
better trimester.
3. Synergize: People say two minds think better than one.
Always be open minded when working in groups and
ask a classmate for help. Working in groups or
synergizing helps your team-work abilities and will help
you have a better trimester.
4. Don’t give up: At the first failure, people tend to give up.
But nobody can succeed if he or she never tries again.
Just because you didn’t fulfill a goal, it doesn’t mean you
never will. Always have hope and be positive, and know
that these steps are not only going to change your
trimester, but your whole school year.

Written by our Journalism Club