Empowering World Leaders

We are among of the best private international schools in Panama, offering first quality education with the mission of achieving excellence in our students. Within an environment that promotes learning, we educate tomorrow’s leaders by developing their critical thinking skills, reinforcing their moral values, and enhancing their individual skills, they may face future challenges.

OUR VALUES: Commitment to Excellence, Integrity and Solidarity 


We are one of the best schools in Panama providing a bilingual education system that will enable students to meet the academic requirements of the best colleges and universities worldwide.

  • Full English educational program.
  • Latest technology including smart boards and on-line textbooks.
  • Qualified and experienced faculty.
  • PK to twelfth grade.
  • American calendar  from August to June.
  • Small classrooms, more personalized attention to students (Max 21 students).
  • We are registered in the College Board for levels I and II.
  • Our educational curriculum is supported by highly recognized programs that add value to our students academic and human development.
    • We are in process of certification for the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Diploma of the IB. This program prepares students for the intelectual challenges, focusing on the whole child development as an inquirer, an independent learner and a global citizen.
    • Franklin Covey’s “Leader in Me” program, which is based in the Seven Habits of the Highly Effective People.  We teach the students to incorporate this habits in their everyday life since they are in preschool.
    • Development of critical thinking skills with programs like Mind Lab and Robotics. In collaboration with the Knowledge Group we promote the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills through games in our preschool and elementary students. For our high school students we have Robotics lessons to teach them the technological abilities to keep up with this ever changing world.
    • Mandarin classes from kinder to 9th grade. Mandarin is one of the most spoken language in the world and with the economic relevance China is gaining in the last years, we believe that speaking mandarin will be a very useful tool for the future of our students.
    • Extracurricular activities  such as soccer, music, taekwondo and robotics, that complement the academic learning of our students and help them to develop their potential in specialized areas.


This year our students have elected the mascot that best represents our values and school personality. The winner were the Wolves, because they have many characteristics that identifies us as a school. They represent loyalty, intelligence, courage, strength, honor and they work in packs showing fraternity to all team members, just as our family at BSI.  We are The Boston Wolves, join our pack!